About audwolf

I am 32 living in hawaii and loving life! I have competed the adoption of a little boy from Africa and he's the biz. In preparation for becoming a mom, I decided to nail down some hobbies and skills before I'm a little more strapped for time. Here is where the running comes in. I have been a runner for many years now but have decided to take things a little more seriously as of 2010. I am keeping track of my workouts and running races so look out, I might just pass you by...slowly.

Keep on

I’m learning a lot about myself these days. Learning that parenting, dieting, being healthy and even running doesn’t really get easier. There are really great days or seasons and also some really hard seasons.

20140725-082936.jpgI’ve been learning to tackle some big things and when to let things go. For today I’m learning that even a little can mean a lot and so even though I haven’t been motivated all week, I’m still pushing myself to keep learning, keep growing and of course keep running.

Can we just eat pancakes instead?

Not sure about you little kittens but my weekend was good. A little less sleep than I was hoping but still good.
We managed to pull off our usual Friday night movie without a hitch and had a lazy Saturday morning#myfavorite.
After lounging and waiting for the weather to clear a bit we all went for a hike!

Hiking and going to the beach are pretty much my forms of exercise on the weekends…oh and walking to the fridge…and eating…

20140721-083025.jpg so I did the hiking first and then stuffed my face, with salad:(
Today I’m getting ready to run and of course having trouble getting motivated. My first run of the week is usually a ‘throw away’ kinda like the first pancake of the batch. I’m usually soggy or burnt or just weird.
I hope you had a great weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stay Real.