About audwolf

I am 32 living in hawaii and loving life! I have competed the adoption of a little boy from Africa and he's the biz. In preparation for becoming a mom, I decided to nail down some hobbies and skills before I'm a little more strapped for time. Here is where the running comes in. I have been a runner for many years now but have decided to take things a little more seriously as of 2010. I am keeping track of my workouts and running races so look out, I might just pass you by...slowly.

Beans and more beans

Well, this week felt like a wash. Getting used to a new schedule with work and school for the kid had jacked up my runnin something fierce.
I got in one early morning run which was of course awful.

20140823-201339.jpgit was pretty for sure but the 6 am wakeup was so not my style. I know some of you are morning people and love getting up early to do crap…whatever.
I was together enough to pack my lunch everyday and guess what? It was the same…everyday.

20140823-201651.jpg I had some string cheese and yogurt too but you get the point.
On Friday I finally snuck in an afternoon run.

20140823-201953.jpg It was a 3.5 miles that was surprisingly cooler than expected. Next week should be Easier. I’m planning at least one morning run again#Lame. And 3 afternoon runs#itburnstheskin.
As for my weekend, I spent Saturday doing yard work, staining a table, doing laundry and dishes. Jealous?

I am hoping to get a nice 5 tomorrow so we will see how that goes. Then I will drink while boo boo takes care of some packing and keeps an eye on the kid. Oh how the tables will turn.

Back on

Yesterday was my first day back and it was just as tough as I imagined it would be.
It looks like all fun and games but…

20140811-230845.jpgNot so much the during but being on my feet all day at work after.
Some stretching and sitting when I could worked well. No back pain so far. I’m back kittens.

Stay Real.