About audwolf

I am 32 living in hawaii and loving life! I have competed the adoption of a little boy from Africa and he's the biz. In preparation for becoming a mom, I decided to nail down some hobbies and skills before I'm a little more strapped for time. Here is where the running comes in. I have been a runner for many years now but have decided to take things a little more seriously as of 2010. I am keeping track of my workouts and running races so look out, I might just pass you by...slowly.

Can we just eat pancakes instead?

Not sure about you little kittens but my weekend was good. A little less sleep than I was hoping but still good.
We managed to pull off our usual Friday night movie without a hitch and had a lazy Saturday morning#myfavorite.
After lounging and waiting for the weather to clear a bit we all went for a hike!

Hiking and going to the beach are pretty much my forms of exercise on the weekends…oh and walking to the fridge…and eating…

20140721-083025.jpg so I did the hiking first and then stuffed my face, with salad:(
Today I’m getting ready to run and of course having trouble getting motivated. My first run of the week is usually a ‘throw away’ kinda like the first pancake of the batch. I’m usually soggy or burnt or just weird.
I hope you had a great weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stay Real.

Wednesday run

There was no run yesterday because of the heat. Today was much cooler and overcast so I hit the pavement.
Apparently others might’ve been a little overexposed to the heat cuz there were some crazies out.

The dog waits like that every time we are going for a run.

20140716-231722.jpgat mile 5 I walked right into so sprinklers which felt awesome. Awesome until I realized I stood there so long my shoes were soaked and it looked like I peed my pants#notcute
I ended just over 7 miles and I was so hungry I made myself a big salad while I was still in my bath towel.

20140716-232756.jpgwhat I really wanted was cookies and French fries, oh and a shake but I didn’t have that so I had salad.

Hope you had a great hump day.

Stay Real.