Tiger mom-1 hurricanes-0

Last day before school starts and preparing for a hurricane are actually pretty similar.
They are both full I planning for the unexpected and worst case situations. For us, that meant dealing with some anxious energy and excitement so I chose prolonged physical activity.

20140807-155904.jpg we decided to “hike” from our house to the base of Diamond head crater.

20140807-160142.jpg I’m not sure how else to put this experience except to say it was nonstop everything. From 7am this kid was wired and talking a million miles a minute so I was hoping the uphill climb would at least make him have to catch his breath…nope. What if we walk faster…nope…what if we run for like 10 minute intervals…nope.
After the hike we ran errands and I mean he was running up and down the isles while I was looking for water.

20140807-160641.jpg I found 5 bottles#fail.
After a short nap time ( minus the nap) we went to the neighborhood pool to try and burn off even more energy.

20140807-160810.jpghomeboy was even super brave and jumped in the “deep” water. He was so proud.
So that’s been my working out, trying to work out this little fool so he could get a good nights sleep and I think it worked because his first day he was looking fancy fresh.

Now hopefully these little storms will feel like nothing.

Stay real.

Apparently I need to pee on a stick

Hey there kittens! Yes I’m still taking it easy because I currently have the back of an 80-year old.

I was walking like this for a minute#realtalk.

I know you were dazzled by my descriptive skills in the last post but I’ll give you the ‘according to according to webmd’ version.

The sciatic nerve runs from the low back all the way down each leg. They say it’s caused by the irritation of the roots of the lower lumbar and spine…or pregnancy.

20140731-203431.jpgnot to worry though, all the moms I’ve talked to said this happens later in pregnancy…and I’m not pregnant so we are in the clear.

I’m feeling much better from rest, stretching and zapping myself with electo therapy machine so I’m hoping to be back running by the end of the week.

*has anyone else suffered from this or am I just getting old?

Hope you had a great weekend,
Stay Real.