Darkness on Ice

Yesterday was all about fun and friends! In the morning the grandparents hauled out the kids bike and let him rip!

After that’s was nap time and I snuck out to see some of my adult friends but it turned into some much enjoyed girl ( of all ages) time!

20131226-203536.jpgI was saturated by purplish pink and covered in stuffed animals. Oh how up prepared I was for the world of girls!

20131226-203802.jpg it was amazing.

After that, I took the kid ice skating for the first time.

20131227-092827.jpghe caught on so quickly I thought he was gonna be in the next cool runnings!
Anyway it was tons of fun and I’m glad we did it…for all of 30 min. Lol


Happy Birthday Kid

Freakin 5 years old!

20131122-230322.jpgI can’t believe it! I know parents say that but damn it’s true!

We had, yet another awesome beach day and apparently Nelly and the st. Lunatics decided to show up.

Hot ishhh…

Anyway, after that we napped and came back to the beach to watch some fireworks!

20131122-235850.jpgyeah that’s right, I ordered fireworks for my kids birthday, what did you have? Just a cake? Pssshhhh

They are every Friday night:) don’t worry. The real party is tomorrow so I’ll keep you posted on all that crap.