Biking my Booty

Guess who finally did a little workout today?!!

I have been doing a few ab workouts at home.  By ab workouts I mean sitting up in bed or getting off the couch to grab snacks.  If only I had been as smart as this guy…

#genious.  There’s always tomorrow.

So when boo boo said he wanted to go to the gym, I got all dressed up and ready to go! By dressed up I mean I put pants on and a headband to tame the mad scientist do I was rockin.  

Don’t be jealous. 

People weren’t weirded out at all that my gimpy self rolled in on crutches neither…so that was fun.  

I biked, crutches up some stairs and I was doneskies.  After all that hard work I was rewarded a pink lemonade and a home cooked meal. Yayyer! Hope you had a great hump day too!

Stay Real.

Learning curve

It’s been one week since I busted my stuff and I have to say it’s been hard.  

My recovery is actually going really well and I think faster than expected but it sucks.  I have learned a lot and here are a few things I can share with you;

1. There should always be alternatives offered to crutches. This is part of your medical plan but honestly if I was you, I would look that up now just in case you happen to slip on a curb and crack you shit up.  I’m just sayin…

2. If you have to have crutches, purchase these accessories immediately, like from the ER…

I have bruises on my armpits, inside my arms and the palms of my hands #thestruggleisreal.

3. People are jerks.  I’ve had people just watch me try and open doors for myself ( on crutches).  People pretend they don’t see me and expect me to get around them. And people ask me if I was just lazy while getting groceries.  

4. Some people are actually wonderful

I have also had people just go out of their way to be super helpful to me.  Store clerks holding things for me and people generally trying to be sweet.  

5.  You need a sweet set-up.  I have snacks in a bag under my coffee table and a huge water bottle right next to it everyday now.  Since I’m alone all day it’s really important that I don’t have to get up to eat…for reals.  

Well that’s just a few things from me here.  I’m starting my water workouts today so wish me luck!!

Stay Real.