Stop praying around

So today  I was really struck by the impact that prayer can have.  I was reflecting today on how much I used to pray and how much I really don’t anymore.  I used to say that I didn’t need to set aside time to pray everyday because I would pray throughout the day which was true but I got so used to saying that, that I didn’t realize when I actually stopped doing it.  I mean I still pray now but today I really felt like there should be more to it.  Something along the lines of knowing that things happen because of prayer and even more specifically because of my prayer.  

Then of course God confirms this by having one of my ‘real Christian’ friends call me and tell me that someone she’s been praying for has now found a relationship with God!  I’m not in any way saying it’s like a prayer competition but what I am saying is that God uses the faithful.  God nudges us and draws us closer to him through prayer and that is what I have been missing.  What if I really started to pray for people and it not only brought them to the foot of God but changed me?  What if by praying for someone else I became a more compassionate person?  

I watched ‘The Soloist’ the other day and I had this overwhelming urge to see the homeless people I had been acquainted with in Hawaii.  I wanted to go back and try to help them out the way the character in the movie did but there was also something else that struck me.  One of the characters says something along the lines of ” You can’t save him.  The best thing you can do for him is to be his friend.”  It’s not just about saving people it’s about loving people for who they are now.  I should be praying for specific people in my life and I’m starting that again today.  

I’m really excited for what God is doing in the my life and the lives of people around me so I’m taking a more active role through prayer.  If anybody has any prayer requests feel free to let me know.

spring has sprung

So it’s spring now and I am updating my blog! Way to go me. So much has happened while Mr. and I have been in Guam.  It’s weird though looking back because you just feel like you are wasting time here.  The pace of life is sooooo slow that it feels like nothing ever happens or changes.  

So I guess the most recent thing that I can talk about is the fact that our time here is coming to a close.  We are preparing to go back to Hawaii and that is very exciting.  After taking a long time to find our church and friends there it is comforting to know we have people to go back to!  Another amazing blessing is that we get to have our old house back. By the grace of God it is not rented and so we will be going right back where we came from.  

I’m super excited and relieved.  So now I just have to figure out how to move all of our stuff in without Alan.  He will still be in Guam for a month after I return to Hawaii.  I’m pretty sure that means I get to hire some moving me.