It’s official, I just got off the phone with an immigration agent and we have been officially approved to adopt!  Which means that we will be officially “on the list” for a baby by the end of the month!  Crazy!  I can’t believe that everything is coming together so fast.  I think we are going to have to start getting serious about the few baby items we can go ahead and purchase.

This is a very exciting time for Mr. and I which we are super excited to share with friends and family!  We have decided to officially share the news with our church when we get back and invite them to join with us in praying for our family.  Although Mr. will go home soon, I still have a bit longer on this trip.  I’m so excited to share this news with all our family in Bellingham.

The waiting game

So here is where we are at on the adoption front.  Mr. and I are so excited about the new addition to our family but we are in that not so fun stage of waiting to hear about a few things.  As of now we are waiting for our Immigration approval which will put us officially on the list for a baby.  This process usually takes a few months and we are already ready for it to be over.

I especially keep feeling that if we only had that picture, if we only knew who this little person was going to be this whole process would feel more real.  I guess that is just part of the process.  I am learning to lean on God in waiting and cherishing the moments that Alan and I have now by ourselves.

We have been so blessed to go on several trips recently and spend a ton of time together and enjoy eachother…for the most part :)  I think we both are very glad about the time together and getting to talk about the things we would like to share with the baby has been really fun.

So that is where everything is at right now but as soon as we get more info or updates, I will let you know.