Let’s go to the movies: Black Swan

A few days ago, I went to see Black Swan with my friend Zan. I will start by saying that I had several friends who saw this movie before I did but NOBODY warned me about all the sexual content.  

This movie was a very strange thriller but fabulously acted.  Natalie Portman was awesome and had me totally convinced that she was tortured and terrified the WHOLE time!  I actually started to make up parts of the story like ” that person is one of her delusions!”.  The movie made me a little crazy!  It was weird.  Anyway, I thought it was good but was honestly a little distracted by all the sexual stuff.  Had I thought about it, after seeing The Wrestler, I should have known what I was getting in to.

I thought this was a great thriller that probably could’ve done without a few scenes.  So if you don’t mind a few uncomfortable sex scenes and want your skin to crawl a bit, this is the movie for you.  I think Natalie Portman deserves all the praise she has gotten for this movie and I wish her the best during awards season.

Merry Christmas to me!

These are my very special gifts I got for Christmas!  

I have been dying to try Moroccan oil.  It is an oil treatment for all hair types that doesn’t feel oily.  My hair gets a lot of sun and lightens all by its self but also feels a bit dry sometimes.  Even though I don’t have to pay tons of money to dye my hair (sweet!), I also have a great deal of sun damage to my hair(booo). I put it on my hair last night and fell in love :)

The mascara is Dior Show”Blackout”.  I have been using Dior mascara for a few years now and I’m not sure I could switch to anything else.  This mascara is like magic for your eyes.  It makes my eyelashes fuller, thicker and longer which is just how I like it.

I love OPI nail polishes and while at home over Thanksgiving I got sort of obsessed with this color( you’ll have to excuse the creepy man hand).  I didn’t end up buying it because I had just purchased 2 other nail polishes and needed to cut myself off!  Luckily I got this little gem in my stocking, thanks Santa!