White Elephant

Erin’s party on Friday night was awesome!  We had such a great time, and walked away with some swag.  The evening started off a little slow with almost everyone showing up on Hawaiian time but it kicked into high gear around 8 or so.

With so many people the gift grabbing and stealing took a while but it was well worth it.

There were some gems in this one and these are some of the highlights; trashy romance novel, stand alone griddle, South African jewelry and a unitard.  Let’s just stop there for a hot minute.

The unitard was originally picked by a girl and stolen by this guy who immediately went to the bathroom and put it on.

Shortly after, this guy (LaJoel) stole it from him and ALSO immediately changed into his new prize.  It was out of control!

Food and drinks were tasted, fun was had and it was an all around jolly good time!  Thanks for hosting such a great party Erin!

Cheers to the best looking hostess I know!  Looking forward to next years party already!

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