Weekly Adoption Update

This week has been great!  I am feeling a lot more at ease with the waiting.  We have been flooded with pictures and news about the wolf cub.  It has be awesome.  Next week the courts are officially closed for the holidays.  They are scheduled to re-open January 17th.  At this time there should be multiple judges taking adoption cases and we should have a better idea of our travel plans.  The great thing about those dates is that we have friends coming to town so I will hopefully be very busy/distracted and not freaking out.

My new friend Tonya,who is adopting a little girl from the same baby home our son is in expressed a need that I would like to share with you.

She informed me that the baby home is in need of disposable diapers.  They have tried to use clothe diapers but without hot water to wash them, they are having to jump through hoops to get them laundered and it’s just not practical.  Through generous donations from friends and family Tonya was able to donate several months worth of diapers to the baby home  and give all the glory to God.  She asked this as a service and people responded.  I have emailed my pastor and will hopefully be making an announcement for people to give if they feel led.  So here it is, $10 will buy a pack of diapers for the baby home and if you are willing to give please email me at goteamwolf@gmail.com.  Mr. and I are working on some additional gifts we can personally give to the home and the aunties providing a safe and loving home for our little guy.

I am also working on some Christmas decorations for the house which I am very excited to share with you once they are done!  We are going to get a tree this weekend and I can’t wait!  Happy Week Before Christmas everyone!

Tuesday Run

Well kids, it’s Tuesday and I did my second run post marathon.  I ran a few easy miles yesterday just to loosen up my legs and it was not pretty.  You know that scene in Forest Gump when he’s a little boy trying to run with braces on his legs?  That is, in a nutshell, what I looked like.  Unfortunately for me there was no redeeming scene when my braces broke off and I began to sprint. It was a sad sight and I would like to take this opportunity to say that if I provided any entertainment to any onlookers, you’re welcome.

At least I feel better. This is actually the best I have ever felt after such a big race.  I am stretching and icing twice a day which I think has helped a ton.  I’m also drinking lots of water and eating those little cutie oranges like they’re candy.  There is some evil sickness going around right now and my nurse friends tell me that I am especially prone to catch something because my immune system is tired.  Go figure.

So today I ran again looking a little less silly but still not at 100%.  I ran 3 miles and ended up walking a little towards the end which I was totally down with.

I am thinking of doing a 5k race this weekend but I’m not really sure about it at this point.  I have until tomorrow to decide.  The big running season is pretty much over here for a bit but kicks off in February with an 8 mile run called the Great Aloha Run.

I’m not sure if I will be running this year because of the adoption timeline but we will see.  For now my next big race will be the first ever North Shore marathon in May.  I’m looking forward to it.  I will leave you with the picture of my awesome shirt and medal from the Honolulu marathon enjoy…