It’s true, I saw Burlesque

Yesterday afternoon Zan and I snuck into a dark room where we quickly found a seat.  After ducking down, as to remain unnoticed we settled into our seats for the experience of a lifetime.

I can feel you judging me.  I know we are far apart and you think I won’t know but I do.  You’re shocked by my behavior, I can tell.  This is my confession for the week so just roll with it.

I will start off by saying this was not the worst movie I have ever seen.  In fact I think this movie blew crossroads(again, not the worst movie I have ever seen) out of the water!  This movie obviously had some really cheesy drama and some even worse dialogue BUT I laughed a ton.  The singing, of course was great and the dancing was fun to watch.

So what if I predicted the characters next moves like I had a crystal ball?  So what if some of the most serious scenes were the ones I was laughing embarrassingly loud at?  I was entertained throughout the entire movie so I got my money’s worth.