Even though it was the week before Christmas I did get to go thrifting this week.  I found a few choice items!

I found this navy silky top and skirt I thought would be perfect for Africa.  I also found a book for my bonus sister that I am dying to send her!

Let’s go to the movies: The Tourist

I was had an exceptional morning yesterday. After a receiving an unexpected awesome e-mail, I decided  so I treated myself to some luxuries.

First I went for a short but good run around a little beach park I like.  It was a bit gloomy but still warm and very nice to be outside.  After all the holiday treats I have indulged in, this little run made me feel less like Christmas cookie garbage disposal.

Post run I did a tiny bit of shopping at Ross.  Nothing too big to report, just picked up some more hangers for my closet and then I got the new smoothie from Jamba Juice “Berried ‘n Chocolate”.  If you like dark chocolate you need to go out and try this thing immediately.  Some people have issues with fruit and chocolate mixed together but I have no such phobia.

After my smoothie I made my way over to a local theater and decided to catch a  matinée.  I have a few gift certificates so it was basically like seeing this movie for free, score! (Yes, I did sneak my smoothie into the theater and No, I don’t feel bad about it one bit!)

This movie hasn’t gotten very good reviews but I think it’s because the previews are a little misleading.  I was shocked at how beautiful Angelina Jolie is in this movie but she is not really working hard on developing a new character or persona.  Johnny Dep is, as always, delicious.  Not believable as a math teacher but still. That being said, I was wondering the whole time why it was so hard to believe she would like him.  I guess in the end I realized they just don’t have ANY chemistry.  I was into it and the plot is engaging but nothing I couldn’t live without.  The end is confusing but it works out o.k.  I think this movie is much better than the last AJ movie “SALT”.   All in all, this is another one that is worth the Red Box rental but save your money for a better show.  I am hoping to see what all the hype is about “The Black Swan” this week so I’ll let you know.