Ephraim’s first and 3rd Birthday

This is my first time planning a kid’s birthday party and I have to say, I’m awesome at it.

We took over one of the tables at a beach park we like and thought better of it once we were out there.  It was super windy but we had already unpacked the stuff so…game on.  Once everything was on the table it was a pretty solid set-up.  The food helped to weigh everything down so that worked out nicely.

Ephraim wanted to invite his favorite people who are mainly his church family and also a few special little ones…ladies of course.

Look at this kid


So a few days later we celebrated E’s actual birthday and it was awesome as well.

He was really into it until he got a certain video…

Is this what I think it is?

Yeah,Cars 2 I’m out of here!

After that,he was done with presents and just went inside to watch his movie.  We had no choice but to follow :)

Picture perfect

This our second year for Christmas cards but our first year to do them as a family of 3.  We, of course, decided to go all glam and get some pics taken at the beach.

This is what really happens when you try to make a 3-year-old take a million pictures in hopes of one or two good ones


This is me pushing his phone out of the picture.  He’s clearly not happy about it

I think there is a call coming in…

he’s so over it

In the end we found one that would work so keep your eye on your mailbox!

*Do you make/send Christmas cards ?