The return of date night

Last night mr and I got to resume our usual date night during the week!
In order to save some cash we ate cheap take out at home and then went out for desert.

Yes that is Costco behind me and Yes I’m trying trying to shove that whole ice cream bar in my face.

Believe it or not that is the same ice cream bar. We shared, you just can’t see the huge chunk I took out of the other side.

After that delight, we took this to the beach

Wait what happened

Slow down on the sauce man..

Oh that’s right, you didn’t have any, my man is so crazy!

This was our view, I love date nights in Hawaii!

Bringing up boys

This book by Dr. Dobson had some really interesting things to say. I took away that Christian parents need to be committed to being present in the lives of their boys.

There’s a lot of description of how boys act and why they do things or need specific interaction from the parents.

There was also a huge emphasis on encouraging and respecting our boys so that they can become confident men.