So much Love!

Some people get cynical and upset about Valentine’s day

I’m so not one of those people!  I mean, I know you are supposed to love your spouse or significant other all year long but what’s wrong with giving a sister some chocolate?I freakin LOVE getting chocolates and roses and all that crap on Valentine’s day!  Because we have a kid now we are staying in but I have planned a romantic dinner at home followed up by a little bit of this

I’m dipping those suckers in Chocolate and calling it a night, ow owwwe!

I also just told Mr. what he got me for Valentine’s day.  This might come as a shock but Mr. isn’t exactly a great gift giver.  I purchased a pair of Lululemon pants while I was home

These are “groove pants” from the outlet in Burlington but they are this awesome denim looking fabric.  I’m obsessed with them. I have decided that for my birthday I want them in leggings so they will be the most comfortable skinny “jeans” ever!

So these are my present.  I got him a canvas print of one of our wedding photos.  I think he’s going to love it!

I decided that next year I am going to make Heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and do pink milk or something cute, you know for the kid.  This year he got a whole swag bag from preschool so I know he’s feeling the love.

*Any special plans or traditions for Valentine’s Day?