TGI freakin F

O.k. so for sure not it was my finest couple of hours but this movie

had me hooked until the abrupt end :(  At least it was better than the last movie I watched…

which Mr. thought was phenomenal.yikes.  Anyway, I really needed to unwind after this weeks series of unfortunate events;

1.  I turned in some paperwork only to find out that I had used “old forms”.  lame. * must resubmit correct paperwork ASAP.

2.  Showed up to do my taxes only to be informed I had to have an appt.  double lame.  *made an appointment to come back later in the day.

3.  Round two of taxes ended with insufficient data/forms.  Frustration for me, markers and stickers all over the kid and the office.  Awesome.  

It was crazy but I’m glad it’s the weekend!  I’m going to clean my house, make some food and get ready for my shortest race of the year…The Great Aloha Run!

Team Wolf will be heading to the expo tomorrow so I’ll be sure to let you know how it be :)