Speedy Recovery

It was race day…I woke up early, had my coffee and was feeling good. Of course it was after I was dressed and in the car that I realized I forgot my race number.


At least I had my Garmin so I would know my time.

I met up with Mandy and the Dav just before the start and we made our way to the right pace group.

O.k. Mandy actually signed me up for this run and she had some major goals. She ran last year’s race in 1:19 and decided that was the time to beat.
I ran this same race in 1:35. I-don’t-care. This course is difficult for me and so I’m not un-motivated and slow.

So all this to say that as soon as we made it to the start, Mandy took off.

I was cool but then the Dav put in his head phones and left too! There I was, just me and the road…
I decided that this was going to be my solo 8 mile recovery run so I pumped up my music and went for it.

I spent the first 5 miles weaving in and out of slower runners and walkers. Lame.
I kept looking around to see if I could find the Dav ( I knew there was no way I could catch up to Mandy). No such luck:(. I figured that they both smoked me and were laughing about how slow I was. Jerks. I pushed on.
I was feeling good even though I was slightly sore so I picked up my pace and ran hard to the finish.

As soon as I stopped the Dav was right next to me! I guess I wasn’t so lame after all! We then got our shirts and finally found Mandy

Why I look like a chipmunk, ill never know. Mandy beat her time by finishing in 1:14 and the Dav and I were a solid 1:17.
Way to go Team!