Welcome to the jungle

Last night my amazing friends threw an “Animal Print” party.

We showed up fashionably late but dresses to impress as you can see by Zan’s romper.20120429-173558.jpg
We knew there was going to be a prize for best dressed but when we got there we realized we weren’t alone in our quest for the prize.


We had a roaring good time and even took some sassy pictures

You’re welcome.

Hope you all had as fun a weekend as I did;)


I work hard for my money

Today was a family work day. The Wolf Pack is trying searching for a new place to call home and we just might have found it.
We are working on a property to help it pass a home inspection and it’s cra cra.

The old owners had given up on this place so as you can see, the “yard” was in need of some serious help.

It was hard work but then we rewarded ourselves with a little beach time

It was glorious

Now I’m headed to the animal print party and guess who is meeting me there…

More pictures to come.