Everything’s A-Ok

E has this sweet connection with sesame street. He actually calls it sesaME street with the emphasis on the end. He’s funny. Anyway he loves to watch the videos and laughs hysterically at all jokes made by Bert and Ernie.
Which makes the new exhibit at the Bishop museum kinda perfect for him.

We got to go as a family because Mr. Got some days off after “hell-week”. E was totally stoked.

He even got to take a pic with one of his favorites!

He was a little star struck at first but then relaxed and enjoyed himself. By relaxed I mean that he ran around like a crazy person and yelled a lot.

He even got his first job!

He needs to save for college so…

He also got to go grocery shopping with a new friend. E had such a good time I’m pretty sure we will be back before the exhibit closes. Hope everyone had a great hump day:)


Dog vs. Wild

Did I ever tell you about the cockroach situation in Hawaii? They are crazy.

First of all they are the size of small paper airplanes and yes the can fly as well. B.#2, they are highly resistant to death by any means. I’m convinced they have been around longer than crocodiles.

Anyway one tried to attack me the other night but little did they know, I had my trusty guard guard dog on duty.

That roach didn’t know what hit him. Now they might think twice before running around in my bathroom.