Summer running

Tonight I got to go for my second run post marathon and it was great! I got to run with my friend Tim who I lovingly call “Uncle Tim”.

Tim is coming off his first Triathlon and wanted to run while I was in town. You know me, I’m always down so we met up at one of my favorite trailheads and off we went.

I love running here because it is so green an beautiful!

Tim is more of a biker and he’s gotten quite fit since the last time I’ve seen him! I’m actually really jealous and don’t know if I can hang out with him anymore. Stupid.

At least the weather cleared up.

We finished just over 6 miles and i felt great.

I’m would like to get another run in tomorrow so hopefully I can make that happen:)


We stay busy!

Our first day in WA was full and fun. We both tried to rally off the plane and be ready to rock which worked out because the Grandparents had a surprise in store.

My dad works for the school district and he was planning on giving E a ride on the big tractor.

After that, we went back to the house and hung out. E was reunited with his WA toys, it was very emotional…

I laid down to take a quick snooze and woke up 3 hours later! Whoops.
Then the kid napped and we were good to go for the evening so guess where we went?

It’s amazing the kinds of things you miss living on an island. We then went to visit Grandma at work.

I think we were all exhausted after that so we went home and crashed.

It’s good to be back in the Pacific Northwest!