Puking is decidedly un-glamorous

Today’s run was a, ” I’m actually running for something” kind of run. We had made plans to meet people on the East side so I decided my mode of transportation would be running.

My friend Kathy decided to run the first little but with me because she had “plans” later. Yeah or she was just intimidated by my hotness…who could know.

She’s beginning to train for the Honolulu Marathon and she wanted to have a running partner.

She has no idea what she’s getting into.

Anyway, we went a few miles with her and then had to part ways so I could continue on to our friend’s house.

A little ways down the highway I swear to you I heard a McDonalds milkshake calling my name.

I thought about it for a hot minute and wasn’t sure if my tummy could handle it in the middle of a run.

I finally decided that puking on the side of the road would not be my best look. Who would’ve thought?

The run ended with 6.5 fun miles and then I got to hang out with some great friends. I also got this for desert.



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