I’m gonna take advise from Jamie Fox on this one

Last night I got together with some lady friends of mine who were throwing a jewelry party.
I don’t usually participate in these sorts of things but I was told there would be wine so I thought it couldn’t be that bad.

My friend Jess was hosting the party and before the night was over I got to see her cute son Micah!

It’s so weird to hold a baby after only having captain crazy pants in my life! I didn’t get any sort of baby fever though. I handed that kid off as fast as I could to shovel some Minnie brownies in my face. Seriously.

After I got my fix I could finally focus on the merchandise.

These things are a far cry from all of my flimsy forever 21 costume jewelry I can tell you that right now.

I had fun looking at everything and wishing I could take it all

My final choice was between a Cartier inspired panther necklace and a ring.

I may have made at least one purchase…I’ll blame it on the alcohol.


Junuary is my least favorite month

It’s a little strange to go on summer vacation and the weather is anything but nice.

The Pacific Northwest has the most unpredictable weather. So coming from Hawaii in June, I brought some long sleeve shirts and sweaters. Sad right?

So when the weather is less than desirable we have to find things to get that kid exhausted/ make sure I don’t have a mental breakdown. Luckily, I have lots of help while we’re here.


Today we made several indoor stops during the rainy weather and the first was the mall with Grandma.

Next, we went to the “Fun Zone” which is just like the bounce place in Hawaii.

E was crazy about it and I was just happy that my kid wasn’t one of the ones having major meltdowns. After that, we had lunch at The Olive Garden and went home for nap-time. E fell right asleep and I just kept wishing I had ate more breadsticks. YOLO!

I really don’t know how people do it here because they have to go through so much to keep their kids occupied and I just have to go to the beach…for free…

I am feeling very blessed today:)