This is how we do it

I don’t know about you but I like to start my holidays off with a run. Even if it’s only a few miles, I feel like it some negates any and every bad thing I eat and I’m not the only one.

Katie and Allison are my peeps from Eastern WA and faithful blog readers. Whoop whoop!

They came over for the holiday weekend and we are hoping to run everyday if we can. So we got started around 8 am which explains how scary my face looks.

You’re welcome.

We ran on one of our favorite trails that’s not too far from Katie’s parents house.

Oh memories…

20120704-113202.jpgAnyway it was a fun 5 miles and now I can eat whatever I want. Booyah!


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5 thoughts on “This is how we do it

  1. I can’t wait to drink it up with u tonight and run again tomorrow:-) wait till u see the “classy” drinks I got:-)!!

  2. 5 miles and you get to eat whatever you want? What do you get for swimming a mile and half and riding 30 miles? I hope it’s unlimited beer because that’s what i’m doing.

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