I kaught a fire

Last night I met up with my friend Ron and co.

As you can see,we could barely find standing room by the time we got there.

Ron is half Hawaiian and has a special place in his heart for Reggae. I have an affinty for the Reggae because thats pretty much all we listen to in Hawaii.

The opening act was pretty awesome.

20120711-012919.jpgI don’t remember their name, butI do remember that there was some serious dancing going on.

You’re welcome.

Ron busted out his earplugs and I immediately took the opportunity to make fun of him.

Also humorous, was that apparently jean shorts are making a comeback in New Zealand. Who knew?

Anyway, the concert was the biz! It was so fun to have a bit of the Islands in Bellingham! I was sad when it was over for sure but I was ready to go home and put on my pj’s. I realize that makes me sound old but you know what really does the trick?

Having to wear glasses to drive at night.


My Big Fat Lunch Date

So today was my moms birthday! We decided to celebrate by taking her out to lunch.

None of us had ever been to this place but let me tell you, it was amazing.

It was so good I couldn’t even take the time to take a picture of it. For reals, that’s how fast I shoved it in my face.

Anyway my moms only Birthday wish was to spend quality time with her grandson. So after naptime they did an art project together.

They painted rocks to put in her garden. Oh the joys of being a Grandparent.

Later we ha dinner, cake and now I’m off to a concert you will hear about tomorrow!