I killed it yesterday!

Yesterday my mission was clear; make the kid as exhausted as possible. I set upon my task with focus and determination.

First stop was the beach in the morning. We didn’t have much time but we went before preschool.

You guessed it, preschool was next. Have other kids help with my plan, genius!

After that and naptime we went to the farmers market which happens to be a mile away from the house. How about we run there? Great!

When everything was said and done, E had run 2 miles before bath time. Man, I’m good.

After that it was my turn to run.

It was another late night run. I decided that a few miles was enough and called it a night.

20120718-131946.jpgOverall, my day was a huge success, hope yours was too!


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2 thoughts on “I killed it yesterday!

  1. So I noticed that when I take Soph to the pool in the am and we play at the pool…. takes an amazing nap. I will be at the pool everyday if you need me :)

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