I wish my life was LifeProof

I don’t know if you know this but I sweat a lot and often.

20120830-132503.jpgI also spend a fair amount of time in the water

20120830-224831.jpgI With those things in mind, I decided To invest in a new phone case that would support my lifestyle, enter LifeProof iPhone case.

I checked out some surf shops but the $80 price tag was too rich for my taste. Thank the Lord for Amazon! I scored my cute pink case for $55. Booyah!

Allegedly you can take this thing in the ocean and your phone will be safe. I figure that if it can stand the sea, my sweaty biz should be no big deal.

Now, if I could only get LifeProof to pay my bills and pour me a cocktail I might be set:)

Happy Friday Everyone!


May I have your attention please?

Breaking news everyone, wait for it…

I cut my hair!

I know right?!

I needed a change and I think I’m happy with it.

After i got my hair did, I had to promptly ruin my flat-iron job and go for my run.

I started on the beach because I thought it would look pretty right around sunset.

I was right. Duh.

The dog and I ran about 5 miles and called it a night. We only got attacked by two dogs so I’m gonna call that progress.