Blood, Sweat and Tears all happened at my place

Hey kittens, I had a super busy weekend of getting shiz done. A lot of you have been asking about the progress on the house so I decided to give you a little taste.

The living room is painted, blinds are up and now I need to figure out where to put some pictures on the walls.

I also did some major work on the outside of the house including putting up a fence, clothes line and gardening.

I scraped and bruised the inside of my arm moving some crap around outside.

I blame it on all the sweat that I was drenched in that made things slip out of my hands.
Delish, I know.

I did work son.
That fence was all me and it looks awesome if I do say so myself.

I only cried because I was so tired like once so I think that’s pretty good.
I am so proud of all the work I’ve done this week but I’m really sad my mom is leaving today. Thankfully, her flight doesn’t leave until late:)

* How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?


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