My name is Audrey. I live in Honolulu,Hawaii.

 This blog to the things I’m all about; my crazy kid, friends, food and running. Since moving to Hawaii I have tried to learn how to cook. This was not even on the radar 5-6 years ago I assure you. My first cookbook was titled, “How to boil water” if that gives you any indication of where I started. Now I really enjoy cooking for my family and friends! Don’t worry, I won’t be just another food blog that shares recipes. If you really want to know how I made something you can email me but I’m not good with recipes so I will only post pictures of stuff that looks and tastes delicious.

Other than the awesome things I get to do while living in Hawaii I will also talk about running… frequently. I have become a lot more serious about running lately for a few reasons but suffice it to say I’m in a committed relationship with my running shoes( well not totally with the shoes because they get replaced often but you know what I mean). I’m not a fast runner or super competitive but this year might just be my biggest running year yet. I am 31 and with 11 marathons under my belt, my goal is to run as many marathons as I can this year. That seems kind of crazy but I have been running for years now and will be pushing my limits to see what I’m capable of and I’m excited.

Since adding a ( not so )little one to our family E has changed everything here in the Wolf pack! He’s a vibrant, opinionated, talkative little guy who is awesome to be around. Brother-man is a regular on the blog so you will be seeing a lot of him and how we keep it real.

So thats pretty much it, Thanks for stopping by San Diego.

2 thoughts on “RTEstory

  1. Great meeting you. All the best with running. How’d that run go btw? My blog is onebodyrunning.wordpress.com for all my ultrarunning adventures. Hope we cross paths and run together sometime.

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