Adoption Resources

O.k. generally which ever agency you choose will have their own set of resources but I have found a few that really helped me in this process

1.– This website has a ton of information about International and domestic adoption process as well as articles and forums.  

2. website is updated by the US Department of State and stays fairly current on the adoption process’ in every country.

3.  Facebook-I know it sounds cheesy but there are groups and forums on FB that can be really helpful.  There are families in process or who have already finalized adoption that can be amazing resources.  

4.  There were so many books I read but there were a few that really helped me through the process{Ten things adopted kids wish their parents knew, 20 things adoptive parents need to succed, Toddler Adoption, Parenting the hurt child, Post adoption blues * I will add more as I review my bookshelves}

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