This boot was made for walkin!

This week has had some ups and downs honestly but overall, it’s been good.  Of course, I had to be positive when the medical assistant asked me if I was depressed this morning.  Apparently that’s protocol.  

I’ve made a lot of progress though really.  I have been Aqua jogging in the district pool down the street.  

I had no idea how hard pool workouts could really be.  I am doing laps and using pool weights to add resistance.  Nobody had told me that crap was a real workout. I mean, it’s foam, pssshhh!  

It’s stupid hard.

I had another appointment with Ortho today which I got the shaft.  After waiting for an hour and a half I was told I needed to get X-rays ( which I could’ve gotten…that whole time…) so they said I needed to reschedule.  Awesome.

At least I walked without crutches.  Yay!  I’m so excited but I’m taking it easy. I can’t wait to run!  Hope you had a better hump day than I did.  

Stay Real.