9021-In yo face!

Hey kittens
Today was my catch up day. I did everything from housework to self work and back.

I have been meaning to get my car( the cheep, cheep) looked at for a while now and today was the day.

20130722-210051.jpggotta love a rapid lube job…anyone? Buehler?

Ok, so I vacuumed and cleaned that bad boy out, then while I was waiting for my safety check to get did I walked across the street to Blockbuster which happened to be having a blowout sale.

Among many other things, I scored some seasons of 90210 on DVD for like $5.

BLAM bi&$@#s!!

I needed those for comfort after I had to go to the dr. to get my blood drawn.

My life is really hard.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting some miles on my new shoes and you get to see which color I ended up picking, I know you’re excited:)