Down for the count

We’ll there is not a whole lot happening here kittens I’m old and having back pains.
No I don’t have the arthritis, nobody got time for that.
I believe I’m experiencing my2nd or 3rd bout of sciatica.

Luckily I’ve learned from my past mistakes and I’m taking it very easy.

For those of you who don’t know sciatica, I’ll get the techie terms and post about it tomorrow. Basically it’s like little demons are driving knives in one side of your lower back and then they pee on you and that gross feeling runs down your leg…like I said, this is layman’s terms.

I haven’t been completely laid up though, the first run I tried to do was an alternating walk/jog 3 miles around the beach park.

I was hurting by the end but I came up with a plan to recover to I considered it a success.
I’ve just been taking the dog on long walks by don’t worry, there’s an upside to everything! While resting my old broken biz at the beach I saw this;

You’re welcome.

I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t stop looking because what if that tiny top just popped right off, what then?!!! Anyway I just couldn’t handle how giant they were so I had to share. Happy Thursday kitties.

Please stay more real than that lady.

Darkness on Ice

Yesterday was all about fun and friends! In the morning the grandparents hauled out the kids bike and let him rip!

After that’s was nap time and I snuck out to see some of my adult friends but it turned into some much enjoyed girl ( of all ages) time!

20131226-203536.jpgI was saturated by purplish pink and covered in stuffed animals. Oh how up prepared I was for the world of girls!

20131226-203802.jpg it was amazing.

After that, I took the kid ice skating for the first time.

20131227-092827.jpghe caught on so quickly I thought he was gonna be in the next cool runnings!
Anyway it was tons of fun and I’m glad we did it…for all of 30 min. Lol