My Uniform

These are a few of the things I can’t live without;

Turbo Run Shorts These shorts are soft and comfortable.  I have gotten used to the idea of lubing up my thunder thighs so I can wear these short and some tall socks.

Zensah Compression Shorts These shorts are light weight, breathable and who wouldn’t want a little extra help with recovery?

CEP Compression Socks If nothing else, these socks have revolutionized my running.  I am prone to injury,specifically with my IT band and these socks have changed all of that for me!  Love em!

Asics Gel Nimbus I have been an Asics girl for years now, pretty much because I like a lot of cushion.  I was told these are the Rolls Royce of running shoes and I’m a believer.  These shoes are amazing and I can’t wait for the 14’s!

Sweaty Bands I wear one of these in almost all of my races and I have never had a problem with them slipping.

5 thoughts on “My Uniform

    • Yes! I have always had IT band issues and haven’t been injured since that last race we did together. I also have a foam roller which is really good.

    • You are so sweet! I hope it does too, just start small and you can totally do it!!

      Audrey Wolf Good looking, Popular, Generally amazing.

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