the beginning of the end

Don’t you just love holidays? Today is the start to a very long weekend for me and I’m so excited! This weekend Mr. and I are going to Kauai the garden Isle.  It is so relaxing there and I have a friend who is going to take care of us and show us around.  Life is rough here in Hawaii but someones got to do it.


o.k. so when you think of people or quotes that inspire most often they are from people and people with substance like Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi but not Mr. Wolf.  Mr. Wolf is a whole new breed. He thinks that cartoon characters hold the secrets to world peace and true happiness.  For those of you who think I might be making this up I have two words for you…Lion King. Even better than that was the conversation we had a few days ago where he told me that his sincere inspiration for wanting to do more with his life than  a nine to five job was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I kid you not folks I had to fight every urge within me to laugh out loud because he was being totally serious.  He said, ” Belle singing she wanted much more than this provincial life really challenged me from an early age to strive for more…”  

All this to say maybe he’s onto something.  Maybe one persons cartoon entertainment CAN be another persons mentor… I’m still wrestling with the details.