As I said before, I had a meeting with a representative from Lululemon Friday and it was awesome!  Leslie gave me the low-down on the ambassador program and she was just a great girl to talk to.

Unfortunately they have already established the ambassadors for this year but they would still like to be in contact with me.  I would be more like a community contact who can offer suggestions or ideas.  I’m totally into the partnership so it works out great for me!

Here is a picture of Leslie and I outside of the store.  I hope to be seeing a lot more of these wonderful people!

Lululemon love

This weekend I got the chance to stop by my local Lululemon store.

For those of you who have been under a rock somewhere, Lululemon is an amazing athletic clothing company.  It was founded in Vancouver B.C. and is known all over the world for their Yoga gear.  I found a few items at Goodwill which I was amazed by!  I have also purchased running gear from the store and it never disappoints.

I applied to be an ambassador for the company.  I have LOVED every product I have purchased from Lululemon and I can’t get enough of their running gear.  If I am chosen as the ambassador I would probably be running in most all my races in Lululemon gear…YES!

In the mean time, they have asked me to review the new Turbo Run shorts.

These are the mid-length running shorts.  They are super lightweight  and the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn.  There are two gel pockets in the front waistband along with a zipper key pouch in the back.  I generally run in capri’s because I don’t like even the hint of chaffing.  There, I said it.  Some runners (me) have bigger thighs and I refuse to “lubricate my thighs” :)  

Seriously though I have worn the shorts twice now and I LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE them!  The only issue I have with them is that it takes a few minutes for my sweaty body to keep the waistband in place.  I imagine it’s because I have a little belly and the waistband gets confused but once it sticks, I’m good to go.  I am trying them on a longer run Friday and then a Half Marathon on Sunday so we will see how they hold up. I also have a meeting with Lululemon representative who is involved in their community team this Friday so will let you know how it goes.