Best Dads I know

My dad Bradley has been such a blessing in my life! I know I’m not usual sentimental or sappy but for reals he’s awesome.
I grew up most of my life without a dad and as soon as he came into the picture he immediately loved me and took responsibility for me as if I was his own.
He’s also an amazing husband to my mom and a loving grandfather to my son!

20130616-205948.jpgthanks for being you dad!

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I will always love and respect a Mr. Alan Wolf for being such a faith-filled and awesome father to our son.

20130616-210454.jpgE would not be the little person he is without you in his life.

Hope you both had a great day!


Happy Father’s Day

Growing up with a single mom I never thought much about Father’s Day.

Now with E its a whole different ball game.

They get to enjoy being around each other in a way that is totally different.

They are loud and silly together and even laugh at each others jokes ( I usually don’t get them…because they’re not funny)

Anyway, they have a special bond and I’m glad they share it.

Happy Father’s Day!