Rise and shine

The other day was an uphill battle, like for realsies uphill ridiculous running.

20140530-142859.jpg there is a great big hill close to my place that I find it convenient to ignore but this week I mapped it out and it didn’t look too bad so I went for it.

Oh how maps can be wrong lol. Almost two miles of winding steep uphill and I was spent.

My was a little worried about the downhill only because the last time I ran in this area I fell and ended up on crutches:(. Luckily that wasn’t the case this time.

Made it home safe and sound. Now I’m just deciding if I should run a marathon on Sunday, any thought???

Stay Real.

Breakin the law

Let’s talk a little bit about the dog. Bear is a terrier mix adopted from the humane society when he was only a few months old. He’s over 2 years old now and probably the best runner I know.
People are usually surprised at a few things when they see us;
1. That he’s so little and can run so far.
B#2. That he doesn’t run in a leash.

Yes there is a leash law here and yes I choose to ignore it. I used to run with one just in case but it’s not exactly a useful running item and I don’t like to carry anything if I can help it.
Since BP was tiny, I’ve worked with him off-leash. He knows to stop at the crosswalks( even the In-between ones) and he waits for me to tell him we can cross the street. He also never goes very far ahead of me and looks back to check on me about once a minute lol.

He’s very focused on the run and rarely gets distracted by other dogs or birds ect…
That’s not to say it’s never happened but he’s much more afraid of me than he is of the things in our path and will avoid going in the street so he doesn’t get yelled at.
My theory is that if he gets hit by a car at least he will have died doing something he loved lol. I’m terrible I know.

So today we ran some hills. Tubby didn’t want to but that’s just too bad ( *tubby is how I refer to the extra 10lbs I’m carrying at the moment)

Now that that’s over, I’m gonna make some lemonade and head to the beach!