Ceelo knows

isnt it funny when crazy people get mad? I mean real deal, raving man.  

Let me explain, today the pup and I went for a run.  We have done this particular route countless times and the dog is familiar with all the curbs and stop lights ( just FYI).  So we are running for about 3 miles and we get to a nice stretch of grass so I tell the dog it’s ok to run ahead.  

Usually I have him stay close because we don’t run with a leash but like I said, it was a safe spot for him to sprint and then wait for me to catch up.  So he did. 

Now this particular time the pup ran ahead there was a crazy person across the street.  We’ll call him crazyface.  Crazyface sees the dog and walks into the middle of the street yelling at the dog to come.  So you get the whole picture, the dog is happily sniffing and waiting around street corner ( the way he’s trained to). 

 I run up and wave at crazyface to let him know the dog is fine.  As I’m about to take my earphones out when he starts screaming that I’m gonna get the dog killed and where’s my f#%*ing leash!!  At this point, I pause, look at him in the middle of the street screaming and waving his hands (there are now cars and bikers slowing down for him…because he’s still in the road).  Meanwhile, the dog and I are safely on the grass and the dog is waiting for my signal to cross the street.  Earphones still in, we ran away and I threw up a backwards wave on my way out.  

Bye bye crazyface. 

We finished our 8 miles with a nice little jaunt on the beach!  It was really fun.  

The moral of the story is, if you run into a crazyface of your own, just smile and wave.  That will really make them mad lol. 

Rise and shine

The other day was an uphill battle, like for realsies uphill ridiculous running.

20140530-142859.jpg there is a great big hill close to my place that I find it convenient to ignore but this week I mapped it out and it didn’t look too bad so I went for it.

Oh how maps can be wrong lol. Almost two miles of winding steep uphill and I was spent.

My was a little worried about the downhill only because the last time I ran in this area I fell and ended up on crutches:(. Luckily that wasn’t the case this time.

Made it home safe and sound. Now I’m just deciding if I should run a marathon on Sunday, any thought???

Stay Real.