Let’s go to the Movies: The Help

I feverishly read and finished the book in 5 days

I then went with my friends Zan and Kaitlyn to see the movie over the weekend

I thought this movie was great even though it was slightly different from the book.  The changes they made were subtle so it didn’t distract you from how compelling the story was.  The final verdict is that if you liked the book, you will also like the movie:)

Coping skills

I have found that on days I am fed up or tired and just over the whole “demands of motherhood” thing, it makes me feel better to get out of the house.  Can I get an Amen?

This is probably why we go to the beach so often.  I’m so grateful for our life here in Hawaii because I’m not sure how I would do things living somewhere that we couldn’t go play in the ocean all the time.  The beach is like the silent babysitter you don’t have to pay.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to put my feet in the water and splash around every once in a while but for the most part I like to sit in my chair.

With my sunglasses on and my feet in the sand, I seem to forget how I was ready to scream a few minutes ago and I can relax.  There is so much room to play that I don’t feel the pressure to constantly entertain.

There are also so many great moments to capture of this little person just enjoying the crap out of the natural world.

Needless to say, I had a great time with my favorite little man!

Happy Friday