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I am 32 living in hawaii and loving life! I have competed the adoption of a little boy from Africa and he's the biz. In preparation for becoming a mom, I decided to nail down some hobbies and skills before I'm a little more strapped for time. Here is where the running comes in. I have been a runner for many years now but have decided to take things a little more seriously as of 2010. I am keeping track of my workouts and running races so look out, I might just pass you by...slowly.

The Dr. is in

I don’t have any throwbacks and I’m always thirsty so this Thursday we can talk about injuries.  

I have been experiencing this pain in the ball of my foot for a while now ( probably a month).  The closest thing I could compare it too was walking with a rock in your shoe so I looked it up and apparently that’s a thing.

My foot hurts-No.  Feels like a rock in my shoe-Yes.

I think my Metatarsal has fallen and I did not plan ahead for this life alert emergency.  So from what I had read, one of those lazy fallen bones in my foot Is now absorbing the brunt of the force when my foot strikes( at least it’s doing somethin).

 This is what is causing the pain because that force would normally distributed evenly across the ball of my foot.  Lame. 

P.s.  I know all of this because I’m a doctor now#whoneedsaPHD.

To confirm, I have an appointment to see my Dr. Tomorrow so I’ll let you know what she says…what she said…haha

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