About audwolf

I am 32 living in hawaii and loving life! I have competed the adoption of a little boy from Africa and he's the biz. In preparation for becoming a mom, I decided to nail down some hobbies and skills before I'm a little more strapped for time. Here is where the running comes in. I have been a runner for many years now but have decided to take things a little more seriously as of 2010. I am keeping track of my workouts and running races so look out, I might just pass you by...slowly.

Eating, yes. Running needs some work.

Is it really Friday? Somehow my weeks are getting away from me. It’s been a busy week here on the islands and our little fam has had it’s ups and downs.
Parenting a kindergarten boy has proved much like herding 1,000 wild cats…on crack.
He’s so social and articulate and has so.much.energy he can hardly contain himself. He’s had a bit of a transition adjusting to his new “responsibilities” and “expectations”. The disclaimer is that I guess my parenting is not conventional but he’s had to deal with me immediately for not putting forth his best effort to obey his teacher. Yikes. But I tell you what, after two days of not-so-fun afternoons, he came home with a glowing note from his teacher. Tiger mom-1, Hyde child-0.
Anyway I’ve been doing that eating thing like a boss.

20140828-214652.jpg adding some variety to our weekly meals has been fun. I’ve tried to add more vegetables at boo boo’s request and I think it’s worked out great.

20140828-214924.jpgI imagine it’s helped my running too. That there is the hill I conquered the other day after work.
I’m working at the running store this weekend so I’ll be running there and I’m trying to convince my co-workers to run with me. Wish me luck!

Stay Real.

Beans and more beans

Well, this week felt like a wash. Getting used to a new schedule with work and school for the kid had jacked up my runnin something fierce.
I got in one early morning run which was of course awful.

20140823-201339.jpgit was pretty for sure but the 6 am wakeup was so not my style. I know some of you are morning people and love getting up early to do crap…whatever.
I was together enough to pack my lunch everyday and guess what? It was the same…everyday.

20140823-201651.jpg I had some string cheese and yogurt too but you get the point.
On Friday I finally snuck in an afternoon run.

20140823-201953.jpg It was a 3.5 miles that was surprisingly cooler than expected. Next week should be Easier. I’m planning at least one morning run again#Lame. And 3 afternoon runs#itburnstheskin.
As for my weekend, I spent Saturday doing yard work, staining a table, doing laundry and dishes. Jealous?

I am hoping to get a nice 5 tomorrow so we will see how that goes. Then I will drink while boo boo takes care of some packing and keeps an eye on the kid. Oh how the tables will turn.