The life and times of some chicks

Hey kittens, I finally have an actual weekend off and guess what? I’m sick:(

Sadly I have the sniffles so I haven’t been able to enjoy my day fully but I did get the chance to go to G-will an snag something that changed my life…

20130216-201209.jpgthis here is a pack of greeting cards that I laughed out loud to. P.s. ” Bitter with Baggage,” might have to be the title of my autobiography:).

I just had to share these with you guys.

Happy weekend!


Twelve days of Christmas/B.P. is on the naughty list

I decided to give you what I like to call, ‘ The Wolfs most wanted’ list. It’s one thing a day ( for the next 12 days) that I have on my Christmas wish list.

12. At Vicky hush hush, we recently got in the most comfortable sweat suits EVER!

20121212-213416.jpg I’m really into the Teal color but would probably settle for the gray or blue, just sayin…

Anyway, have I ever told you how much I love my puppy? He’s got a silly little face and he just loves me so much it warms my heart…until he’s a A-hole.

Tonight he went crazy after his bath which is totally normal but what was not was him slipping around on the hardwood floor and knocking over my gorgeous mirror.

20121212-220517.jpgNow my heart and my mirror is broken.

So that little dog is getting nothing but coal in his stocking this year.

20121212-221403.jpgHe actually ran and hid as soon as it happened and he looked extremely guilty as you can see.

Hope you all had a better night than I did.