Vacay: Day #2

Oh the joys of having family in town( especially when there are 4 people sardined into a studio). Not wanting to spend time just siting on top of each other we got up early and went out for a walk!

20131119-213527.jpgwe walked to the outdoor workout area and it was freakin hot by the time we got there!
Needless to say, we were ready for some beach time afterwards.

Side note, one of my favorite things about my parents visiting is the booze

20131119-213845.jpgdon’t act like you don’t know.

Anyway before we came home and drank, the beach drained us of everything we had in the best possible way.


Unfortunately there were some sunburns but tomorrow is a shopping day so we should be fine.


Will run for cookies

It’s really happening…I’m real deal training. It’s funny how different people find motivation. For me it’s boiled down to 2 things;
#1 I’m running my next marathon in September.
B#2 I’m eating a substantial amount of baked goods from the coffee shop.
For real though.

So before work yesterday I took the dog out and we didn’t a little road and beach run split.

The weather was perfect and the beach was empty, just the way I like it:)

20130628-141314.jpgwe got about 4.5 miles in before work and then another 2 after I got off work.
I don’t think that really cancelled out the 3 cookies and 2 pieces of cake I ate but whatcha gonna do:/