Last Chance…to back out

I’m really doing it

It’s really cold but there’s a good sized group of people here

Im not racing, just completing. This is my mantra for today:)

The full marathon is a looped course so I have given myself permission to just do the half if my legs reject the full. See you on the flip side.


Last minute, last chance

O.k. so I haven’t been running as much in the last few weeks but my vacation has been amazing.  In the spirit of resolutions and new beginnings I will be attempting something I have never done… Image

The Marathon Maniacs are hosting a Last Chance Marathon tomorrow morning and I’m running.  I have never run a 2 marathons so close together but I’m feeling crazy folks!Image

I will for sure be able to make it half way through but i’m not positive about the full.  I will see what this old body can handle and challenge myself more than I ever imagined.  I’ll keep you posted!